Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Last Few Days

There is a great pleasure that overcomes us as we spend our summer days by
the sea. It is from the soothing swiftness of the waves, the refreshing saltwater touching our bare skin and the breeze dancing though our face that secures us in humble serenity.

As summer slowly departs to the part of the brain where our hazy memories lie, we must enjoy our last few days of them before they're long gone. Go. Go to the seaside & enjoy your last summer days relaxing at the golden hour, where the clashing waves & romantic sunset meets.


I recently had a moment of tranquility, dressing seaside ready & prepping light indulgences. To spend an entire day, choose light snacks over full meals that cause symptoms of uneasiness to errupt. By my natural tendencies of being a foodie, I made my crunchy kale chips with toasted almonds, nutella wontons and a refreshing hibiscus drink. Pleasantly fulfilling but not overindulgent. Always remember to bring enough skin protection such as coverups, wide brim hats & sunscreen. I was given versitality by using my white tulip back lace crop top as my cover up & focal point of my outfit. Being a lover of 50s fashion, I always think wearing the high waisted two piece bathing suit is a must when relaxing. These are the last few days that I spend creating summer memories. Ces derniers jours.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Safari Adventure | Elephant Reverie

Can you believe this is real. real. Oh nature, what a beauty.

“But I love your feet 
only because they walked 
upon the earth and upon 
the wind and upon the waters, 
until they found me.” 
-Pablo Neruda

Not so long ago, I embarked on an adventure where I felt connected to mother nature. What I gathered was that deep inside a human’s soul is an uninhibited pleasure that we take in exploring something new. Places - to be exact. We often reverie unconsciously the moments of life when our once oblivious aspirations are a reality. The result in which the state of happiness no longer seems insusceptible. On this travel, I was able to perceive nature through a safari adventure that filled me with happiness.

Elephants. 🐘 It may be that through my observations I felt a phenomenon connecting with elephants, species other than humans. For you see, although these ivory tusked mammals may not seem docile in the wild, there is a serene nature when observing elephants. In a near post, I will be discussing more about these beautiful mammals and why I choose to value them. In this post, I wanted to discuss my gratitude for elephants and why I rêverie of them. Elephants are a very symbolic animal. They represent, in dreams, to overcome the challenges occurring in your life, to take action, or gives a sense of stability, influence, power, wisdom, loyalty and perseverance. The gray color of the elephant body represents clouds and rainfall, usually dealing with the element Earth in yoga 💦🐘☁️. I could nevertheless be thankful of my peaceful experience connecting with an Earth element: the éléphant. Never be afraid to awaken and unleash your free inner spirit in enlightening your daydreams, for they are the great pleasures in life.
Although I wish I wore this outfit while photographing, exploring and observing the wild and nature, I put this outfit together as an inspiration. If I can’t go back to these humbling views, why not incorporate elements that remind me of my experience in my outfits. Inspired the stereotypical adventurer and wanderer attire, I suggest to keep it refreshing and stick to earth toned colors. Wearing an all white outfit consisting of a sheer, delicate white top and comfy lace shorts I layered it with an olive green cargo jacket. Taking a fashion spin, I completed my outfit with my go-to B.P. Trolley cameo-colored boots. What more way can I scream free spirited and hippie ambience than a colorful, vibrant headscarf & round sunglasses! For jewelry, wear many bracelets and rings that have an earthy factor in them, like my turquoise ring reminiscent of a turquoise gem. 
For more outfit details click here.

Rêver un peu rêve d'éléphants.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Styling | The Lace Short

One of my favorite fashion key item pieces is the lace short. It is the perfect bottom: a hint of hopelessly romantic, effortless chic and dreamy fabric all-in-one. I have to admit, when these shorts became trendy I was not very convinced to purchase them because I thought it would be difficult to style, but hey look at me now, they are not at all. I love finding versatile key pieces and above all, one that is very comfortable to be in all day, so when I found these at my local Nordstrom I had to purchase them and instantly became a treasure to my wardrobe. The possibilities to style these are endless: from casual boho-chic to romantic and ethereal elegance. 

 - Boho Chic -


This outfit will actually be featured in a future post, but I decided it would also be perfect to use it for this post.
 During the day, I chose to go with an earth-toned outfit that reflects my gratitude for mother nature. Styling the all-white summer trend I matched my lace shorts with a sheer white tank top, a lightweight olive green cargo jacket and my B.P. Trolley ankle boots. To add in a bit of fun and a boho-hippie twist I wrapped a colorful scarf around my head and stacked my elephant pendant bracelet and rings. Comfy, lightweight & free spirited.

 Hopelessly Romantic -

For the evening, I was inspired by the evening ethereal summer glow that peers through the windows to go for a hopelessly romantic, yet elegant outfit. You know that golden hour that is often common in photography. I went for an evening stroll through the rose garden, having my lightweight trench coat hanging from one side and wearing my nude strapped heels for an added delicacy.

Don’t be afraid to mix up patterns, it is always fun adding a variety into your outfit. Here I styled the shorts with a navy blue polka-dotted cardigan and a pearl pink lace top underneath, leaving my cardigan a little unbuttoned to reinforce the hint of a romantic look. I left my jewelry simple but elegant choosing to add a gold watch, delicate ring and dainty pearl earrings. Oh, so lace-y! Quel merveilleux dentelle!

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Nicole Annette

Friday, August 15, 2014

To a new beginning... | Pour un nouveau départ...

Hello, my name is Nicole. 
Before I continue my ramblings, I must admit I've been contemplating how to start my introduction on my blog. Yes, that does mean I went on a little research to see how various blogs that I admire began their first post. This does happen to be the most awkward post of the blog because I may discuss on what this blog will be about but it may diverge into a whole different direction in the future. If my name and writing seems familiar, I previously wrote for another blog that is now closed, nicoleannette10.blogspot.com. Anyways, my intentions as of now are to empower my audience, my readers those who seek advice in finding their own style, those who want to see my take on fashion, those who want a nouveau, peaceful and happy lifestyle from spirituality to nutrition and best of all those who want to join me on this new beginning- this journey I will write, document, archive. 

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