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On Being Zen

On Being Zen

There comes moments in life when despite trying to control the situations that occur, it seems to be out of your control. Cultivating inner peace and remaining happy can have a better impact. There is a place of balance that brings fulfillment to our lives. Within a few minutes, you too can achieve the state of peace, happiness and wellness. Simplicity is key on reaching this enlightening moment with your individuality. Therefore, when achieving the zen state it is important to refrain from outside factors such as depending on others to make you feel at ease or applications and music. In practice, you should be the soul source of your inner peace and balance. 

1. Herbal Tea

“You are what you eat” as people say ;) . Well, when it comes to being zen, your nutrition affects your mood and wellness. Show your body some love with herbal teas. They have an immense power over your inner feelings with its soothing, relaxing and detoxicating feelings. It is a combination of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy to renew yourself. There is something very mindful and delicate on preparing herbal teas…the scent, touch of dried herbs and flowers on your cold fingers and the warm brewing air the fills the room. It is an incredible experience to be able to customize your herbal tea to your liking and blend ratios of herbs. Do this until you find the right homemade mixture for you. (My favorite by far is chamomile and jasmine flowers with a zest of lemon and a delightful spoon of honey.) 

2. Stay Inspired 

Go out into the nature. Humans, I believe, embody a biological instinct to be connected to the fresh roots Earth provides. The moist soil, cleansing wind and sound of trees swaying with each other brings a new frame of thought. Be inspired by the natural world to want to, just like nature, become an enlightening immensity of beauty and life. Identify yourself with the roots beneath your feet. Concentrate on what keeps you going to fulfill your life’s journey because it is at the end the journey that counts. Feel at last the stability to keep on being inspired and in turn inspire others as well. To me the whispering, sensuous, inviting waves of the sea bring me to wander under the gleaming sunlight rays trying to shine through the gloomy, dense clouds. This wander, of course, embraces my inspirations to mindfulness and life. 

3. Align With Your Spirituality 

No matter what religious beliefs or standards you believe in, there are certain principles of spirituality that can bring fulfillment to your soul. Transcend the thoughts that keep you alive and moving. Be at a harmonious state with your body, soul and thoughts. Take a moment to reflect on your character, virtues and goals that may at times be stressful to reach, but never impossible. In the state of being zen, demonstrate your soul and open to many possibilities from thoughts to actions. Consider what is important to your life, soul and mind. Eliminate the less essential from your journey and focus on growing and embodying your soul.

4. Cultivate Positive Thoughts

Empower yourself to know that you are greater than any obstacle set out. Recognize when to quit thinking about the negative forces and instead know there are solutions. Often times, as individuals, we compare too much, criticize ourselves more than embrace, and blame others to feel better when really this causes angst and worry. A few flaws we see within ourselves needs to end. Be at a true state with yourself. Spend less time comparing yourself to others, criticizing others and yourself, and victimizing yourself because this is belittling your soul, overtaking your thoughts and your precious time.  

5. Give Yourself Time

Funny how it always seems time is a major factor in 99.9% of life. We have so little time on Earth that it sometimes seems like a timer has been set the moment we first breathe on this enormous universe of ours and it is up to us to cease every moment. Do not forget to embrace the present. This is the time. Bring your conscious mind to ease, for time is what it needs. If you must, change your routine in life to inhibit such thoughts. Again, simplicity is key.  

Best of luck.

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