Sunday, February 15, 2015

As I Recall

You know those coming-of-age movies where the protagonist is the stereotypical shy teenager who meets someone that shows them their world. Well, last night I felt as if I were in the scene where the distinct person and the adolescent take a spontaneous adventure driving at night in the pouring rain or doing something out of there routine life…Last night, I decided to surprise my lovely sister to a French café because sometimes you just need spontaneous moments to feel alive.

Not too far away, about thirty-five minutes away from my home, is this antique foreign appeal Crêpes De Paris my sister had been talking about. Taking a drive there, she was enthused to find out we were heading to the café. We decided to order the Royal crepe topped with bananas, strawberries, chantilly cream, nutella and powdered sugar. Inside the café, a French film was playing, but we decided to head out into the twinkling lights and passerby’s to wait for our orders. There’s a deep bond between sisters, the immensity of understanding and similarities are there. Endless conversations.

Bon Appétit !
What a long, sleepless week does
to you as a student. :P.
And there we were, talking about our current fonds, aspirations and fears hoping that one day, we too could twinkle like the stars that floated above our heads. Though there was no music playing, I decided to take out my phone and play Bebel Gilberto Radio on Pandora. How eternal and delightful! Not dramatizing this, but truly it was as if a scene from a movie. And I enjoyed this moment because it was real. So alive in our conversation, drinking mineralized water, taking bites of sweet crêpes with the nutella gooing out among the soft-spoken melodies of  Ms.Gilberto’s bossa nova songs.  
Yay for newfound love 
for white pants.
Beautiful night
The evening ended on the rooftop view above the small shops and city. There we were, sitting on the wooden bench in front of the colorful mural, submerging ourselves to live in the now. Very placid and thought provoking. Moments like these are what I cherish the most. Not because of the extravagance, but how our surroundings allow us to be lost in time, dwelling into nothing but our thoughts, perception and individuality. It is quite distinct to be able to, for a while, perceive yourself and another person as the only ones there. It may be the amorous affection between two individuals that ignites the souls for an adventure.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Cue "Cigarette Daydreams" by Cage the Elephant
"You were only seventeen...".

                                          From | De,
                                       Nicole Annette

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