Monday, December 22, 2014

When In Doubt

After such a hectic and quite negative experience at school, I believe the best way to treat the negativity is to have some time to relax, ignore the flaws and find yourself.

Just these past couple of weeks, I have been bearing a pain so deep, I was loosing myself. I knew I was not the same person I was this summer, but I had no idea how low and long I could continue feeling like this. Melancholic days seemed to outnumber my joyful ones. However, these issues gradually faded as I opened up to my sister asking for advice and seeking comfort in none other than my best friend's arms. As an older sister, she was able to give me great and comforting advice assuring me to pick myself up and be the strong women I am. 
As I look back, her words and gestures were heartwarming and wise. My weekend after coming home from an emotionally exhausted soul was one where I slowly recovered and am still working on. The fact that there was a break between the stresses in my life and in finding myself, gave me an opportunity to overcome my challenges and stand back up. Remember, that no matter how dark a day may be, no day is darker that the sun can not shine through. 
No matter how small or big your problem seems to be, know that there is a solution to it all. Loneliness is what I felt, no matter how many people were surrounding me, my soul was lonely. In my modest statement, I do feel lonely at times, but the joy that comes from overcoming barriers and seeking positivity along with the happiness that is encountered makes the journey worth while. This is life. There may not always be a positive moment but the happiness extracted from our cultivating thoughts, passions and affections are exciting. 
From | De,
Nicole Annette

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