Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Little Advice & About Myself To Proceed


This is my senior year of high school, yes that's right I just turned seventeen on November & am ready for college with a big o' smile on my face!..Or so I wish. In the US senior year is usually the most stressing period of a student's life thus far. Especially in the fall, when most colleges/universities have application deadlines late November or the 1st of January. Not to mention the grades, extracurriculars students are involved in, sports, personal life struggles, jobs, standardized testing, letter of recommendations and (personal!) essays that need to be done. 

I am experiencing this right now- really.

Moving on from the negative tone my writing above stressed in, I would like to turn this blog [but not a 360° turn..oh yeah i just did that ;) into advice giving blog posts. Yes, I will try my best to write a post every week on giving helpful high school advice that will hopefully lead you into having a soother transition to senior year college application period. Each post may not be completely talking about academics but also the pressure you may face with...well, your peers. Let's begin.


I am lost. Confused. I cannot seem to fathom. My thoughts are convoluted as if a labyrinth where the end seems hazy. Yet, my thoughts are extending as if a tree growing and extending its branches. Although I begin at the trunk and cannot decide which branch [path] to follow...even if I listen to my heart — my innermost intimate thoughts. Told that I would be able to find something I love before applying I never worried, until now. Senior year must be the most terrifying year for some, including me, someone who thought was going to know there true hearts calling. However, I must accept situations like these happen in life, but help us as humans grow overtime. 

Never ever believe you cannot pursue a career in a field because you are not good in math, literature or any other subjects because the heart that is eager & passionate will find its way. There are much more days in which I felt that I could not accomplish such goals, but those days seem to be lost when there are those of light. Illuminating. Choosing a major is terrifying because there is no way that a seventeen year old could know what they want to pursue & study for the next four or more years. A lover of diversity and spontaneity, choosing a major is overbearing. Go for what your soul desires, what you believe will get you to the destination you want. However, never believe being happy is a destination, it is a journey. That is, along your way on studying, there should be moments of happiness, loving what you do and why you are stressing for. At the end, you should ask yourself, "Is this worth stressing for? Does ___ bring me happiness, even if I do not understand it completely?" because it is important to know there will be hardships, but as long as there is interest, the struggles will not matter. 

And so on that, I leave my final note: Think, explore, imagine & cultivate curiosity until you have decided your "branch"...then do it again but to flourish your career and life.

Adieu. Au revoir.

Nicole Annette

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